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Tae Kwon Do Tips

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Whether you’re taking tae kwon do classes for the health benefits, exercise, self-defense, or perhaps to someday compete, it’s important to follow some basic tips. 

1. Some people believe they can take classes here and there or maybe once a week and become proficient at tae kwon do. Of course, some practice is better than none, but if you truly want to reap all the benefits you should aim for 2-3 formal classes and also practice at home.

2. Stretching is a necessary part of any martial arts program. If you don’t properly stretch before you practice your moves you could risk injuring yourself from a pulled muscle. Be sure to stretch every part of your body to warm up your muscles so you’ll be more limber and flexible.

3. When practicing your one step sparring be sure you’re doing it correctly. You want to concentrate on the purpose of your moves rather than merely going through the motions. Keep your mind focused on your body instead of letting it wander.

4. One of the most important factors of tae kwon do sparring is the footwork since it’s the base from which you make your attacks. Always work on the basics until you have them perfected then move on to fakes and side-to-side moves. After you’re comfortable with this type of footwork you can add in some kicks.

5. Good kicking techniques is a big part of this martial art. You can’t go from a beginner to an expert over night, so don’t rush yourself. If you take time to become an expert at the basic moves once you get into the kicks it will be much easier. You’ll also find that since you took the time to create a solid foundation you’re stronger and more flexible so the complicated kicks won’t be as difficult for you than it would be for someone who wants to hurry through all the moves.

Tae kwon do is an excellent martial arts program for kids and adults!
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