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Tae Kwon Do Code Of Conduct Helps Build Character

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Tae kwon do is an excellent martial art for kids and adults since it instills self-confidence, self-defense, and can help you stay healthy. There are so many other benefits as well, such as helping you to feel more grounded, calmer, more clarity of mind, and will be able to focus on and complete tasks better. Those who follow the path of martial arts can be more successful and driven than those who are sedentary. How does tae kwon do instill all of this within a person?

The tenets of tae kwon do are the very foundation. They focus on the positive development of the person as a whole, helping you to become a positive influence in your own life, and in those around you.

People who study and practice tae kwon do are taught the following codes of conduct and it’s recommended that they be memorized.

Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

Courtesy at all times will help build noble character and these fundamentals should be practiced:
  •         Bow to the flag, instructors and fellow students.
  •         Address the instructor as Sir or Ma'am.
  •         Be early for class.
  •         Be polite to one another.
  •         Behave according to etiquette.
  •         Encourage a sense of justice and humanity.
  •         Respect others possessions.
  •         Handle situations with fairness and sincerity.
  •         Promote a spirit of mutual concessions.
Integrity helps the student distinguish right from wrong and to make healthy, conscious decisions.

Perseverance is created through patience and determination. You need to be patient yet determined to follow your goals. As an example, you don’t want to give up before perfecting your kicks and forms. 

Self-Control needs to be followed in the dojang and in all areas of life. If you lose control while sparring it could result in injury. Losing self-control in other areas of life can have negative consequences as well, especially if you’re in a position of having to defend yourself.

Indomitable Spirit is the union of modesty and honesty. It means you won’t tolerate injustice, and will face any offenders without hesitation or fear, regardless of who or how many it may be. 

The Student Oath
  •     I shall observe the tenets of tae kwon do
  •     I shall respect the instructors and seniors
  •     I shall never misuse tae kwon do
  •     I shall be a champion of freedom and justice
  •     I shall build a more peaceful world
Ten Commandments of Tae Kwon Do
  •     Be loyal to your country
  •     Honor your parents
  •     Be faithful to your spouse
  •     Be on good terms with your siblings
  •     Be loyal to your friends
  •     Be respectful of your elders
  •     Respect and trust your teachers
  •     Never take life unjustly
  •     Never retreat in battle
  •     Finish what you start
Tae kwon do is an honorable martial art, which can benefit you by challenging you mentally, physically and spiritually, as well as helping you to develop character.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Prepare For Your Tae Kwon Do Belt

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So you’ve been practicing tae kwon do for awhile and now you’re getting ready to graduate to your first colored belt. Perhaps you’re a bit nervous and wonder what you can do to prepare yourself. Or, maybe you haven’t started a martial arts class yet but you’re interested in it and wonder what’s involved with getting tae kwon do belts. Here’s some information that can help you.


Weeks before you’re going to take your tae kwon do belt make sure you practice. This may seem like a foolish thing to mention, but too many people are disappointed when they fail their belt test and realize it was because they didn’t practice. Taking the classes themselves is great, but you should do the exercises at home too.

The Night Before

Prepare yourself by being sure your uniform is clean and ironed. You’ll also want to cut your nails and eat a healthy dinner then get to bed early so you get at least 8 hours of sleep.


While you’re in bed before falling asleep visualize yourself performing your test the following day. Imagine in as much detail as possible that you’re doing perfect low blocks, middle and high blocks. Go over the patterns in your mind and imagine yourself doing your very best. Picture your footwork and see yourself powering through the board then the broken pieces there on the floor after you smashed it. 


Stay positive on the day of your test. You might be waiting around awhile before your test so use this time to watch others. See how they’re performing and think about what you’d like to do and not do during your test. If you begin feeling nervous push the feeling away and visualize your performance as you did the night before. If you begin feeling too nervous simply walk around a bit, take slow deep breaths and shake your arms, shoulders, and legs. Imagine all of the tension draining out of you.

If You Don’t Pass

The worst thing you can do if you don’t pass your test is to give up or get angry with yourself. Be thankful for this opportunity, pay attention to what you could do better next time, and keep practicing.

By keeping these tips in mind you’ll soon be proudly wearing a colored belt!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Tae Kwon Do Tips

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Whether you’re taking tae kwon do classes for the health benefits, exercise, self-defense, or perhaps to someday compete, it’s important to follow some basic tips. 

1. Some people believe they can take classes here and there or maybe once a week and become proficient at tae kwon do. Of course, some practice is better than none, but if you truly want to reap all the benefits you should aim for 2-3 formal classes and also practice at home.

2. Stretching is a necessary part of any martial arts program. If you don’t properly stretch before you practice your moves you could risk injuring yourself from a pulled muscle. Be sure to stretch every part of your body to warm up your muscles so you’ll be more limber and flexible.

3. When practicing your one step sparring be sure you’re doing it correctly. You want to concentrate on the purpose of your moves rather than merely going through the motions. Keep your mind focused on your body instead of letting it wander.

4. One of the most important factors of tae kwon do sparring is the footwork since it’s the base from which you make your attacks. Always work on the basics until you have them perfected then move on to fakes and side-to-side moves. After you’re comfortable with this type of footwork you can add in some kicks.

5. Good kicking techniques is a big part of this martial art. You can’t go from a beginner to an expert over night, so don’t rush yourself. If you take time to become an expert at the basic moves once you get into the kicks it will be much easier. You’ll also find that since you took the time to create a solid foundation you’re stronger and more flexible so the complicated kicks won’t be as difficult for you than it would be for someone who wants to hurry through all the moves.

Tae kwon do is an excellent martial arts program for kids and adults!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tae Kwon Do Teaches Kids Confidence

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Studies have shown that kids who learn to be confident early in their lives are more likely to reach their goals and accomplish their ambitions when they become adults. Tae Kwon Do is one of the best martial arts for instilling self-respect, self-discipline, and self-confidence in children.

A lot of parents believe that if their kids learn marital arts it’s going to make them more aggressive and more likely to get into fights. This is the exact opposite of what truly happens. When a child knows he can defend himself if needed, it brings them feelings of inner strength and safety. Also, tae kwon do teaches kids inner strength and to respect themselves and others so they’re more tolerant, even if they get teased.

Other ways that a child’s confidence is increased when they practice martial arts is that they grow internally and develop self-awareness, focus, and goal setting. They can handle everyday stress and pressure better, and their grades improve.

Externally they develop motor skills, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Overweight children can shed pounds and thin kids put on some weight in the form of toned muscle. All of these together can add up to a happier, healthier, more confident child.

If you want your child to develop the internal skills they need to make it in the world, accomplish goals, and feel great about themselves, tae kwon do can do just that.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Health Benefits Of Tae Kwon Don

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Although any exercise is better than no exercise at all, there are some specific health benefits related to the practice of tae kwon do. There are many forms of martial arts to choose from, though most people aren’t sure how to get started. Most people tend to join a tae kwon do class because they’d like to learn some self-defense moves, not realizing they’ll reap more benefits than simply being able to protect yourself. Then there are those who feel this martial art is merely a sport and that anyone who practices would only do so because they want to compete. This isn’t the case.

Health Benefits

Once you find a teacher and school you feel comfortable with you’ll begin taking some classes and notice that you use your hands and feet evenly in this martial art form. You’ll also learn to use the right and left sides of your body for both attacking and defending. This way you work out your entire body from head to toes. You’ll increase your endurance and will become stronger mentally and physically.

If you’re the type of person who suffers from shyness or self-esteem issues, tae kwon do will help you to feel more in charge. It’s also great for stress reduction, heart and lung health.

You’ll see results quickly too. For those who have struggled with dieting and exercising in the past they typically find that by following this enjoyable martial art they lose weight and gain strength and flexibility faster than ever before. This will keep you motivated and will help you stick with your classes.

Other Benefits

With traditional gyms and exercise classes you may tend to get bored easily, but that won’t happen with this martial art since you’re always pushing yourself a bit more to see what you can do. Also, you can spar with others, adding a bit of competition into the mix if you’d like.

Those who tend to lead very busy lives tend to look forward to their tae kwon do class, even if they just take a few classes per month.

By taking just a couple of tae kwon do classes each week you should notice a big improvement in your mental, physical, and emotional health. You may think more positively, have more energy, gain strength, and have much higher confidence levels.


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